Spring haze, moon, plum haiku — Basho

Baigetsu Natsume
Baigetsu Natsume (Lacquer Tea Caddy, Plum and Moon)

Spring haze, moon, plum haiku


haru moya ya
keshiki totonou
tsuki to ume

Barely Spring,
a colorful complexion of
the moon and a plum blossom


The spring scene
is well prepared:
the moon and plum-blossoms.
— R.H.Blyth

Spring too, very soon!
They are setting the scene for it –
plum tree and moon.
— Harold G. Henderson

gradually takes shape–
moon and plum blossoms
— Haruo Shirane

Spring is, at long last,
Here, it feels, in the
Moon and plum blossom.
— Thomas McAuley

Spring haze –
The landscape’s perfect
The moon and apricot blossoms.
— Takafumi Saito & William R. Nelson

This spring scenery
has been properly prepared:
moon and plum blossoms
— Sam Hamill

slowly now the spring
is beginning to appear:
moon and plum blossoms
— Tim Chilcott

slowly spring
is taking shape:
moon and plum
— David Landis Barnhill

slowly spring
is making an appearance
moon and plum
— Jane Reichhold

Link: Basho’s haiku in Romanji and English

sương khói mùa xuân,
khí sắc hiện ra,
trăng và mai

春 – spring – xuân
靄 (もや moya) – haze – (Hán-Việt ái) khí mây, mây khói, sương mù
気 – air- (phồn thể 氣) – khí
色 – color, appearance – sắc
月 – moon – nguyệt
梅 – plum – mai
整う, 調う, ととのう totonou – to be prepared; to be in order; to be put in order; to be arranged – (Hán-Việt 整 chỉnh, 調 điều)

Picture: Japanese lacquer tea caddy (natsume) named Baigetsu (Plum and Moon)

Hình minh họa: hộp trà sơn mài Nhật Bản tên Mai Nguyệt.


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