Rock – Gustav Davidson

Ansel Adam – Moon and Half Dome

Gustav Davidson

Rock is beauty. Anything firm and strong
Is song.

This beauty that has age
And is not old
The centuries unfold
Rather than assuage.

Man’s strife
Finds no mercy with God.


Gustav Davidson
Võ Tấn Phát dịch

Đá là cái đẹp. Bất kỳ cái gì cứng và mạnh
Là bài ca.

Cái đẹp này từng trải
Và không già đi
Nhiều thế kỷ bóc lộ ra
Chứ không làm giảm bớt.

Xung đột của con người
Không được Thượng Đế đoái thương.


2 thoughts on “Rock – Gustav Davidson

  1. Hello anh Phat, I just want to let you know that I really enjoyed your blog about suiseki. Especially your writings in our Vietnamese language. I have been enjoying suiseki for a few years now. I used to attend Aisekikai in the early 90’s. If you are ever in Orange County, please visit me. I would love to treat you and your wife to some pho and we can talk stone appreciation. Hope to meet you someday.
    Si Van Nguyen


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