Our Best Suiseki

El Capitan, WxHxD 11x15x8.5in, Trang Vo-Le & Phat Vo, Kern River stone. Photo by Mas Nakajima and Janet Roth.


Our suiseki at San Francisco Suiseki Exhibition 2017, named El Capitan by Janet, with daiza from walnut designed by Mas.

Size WxHxD 11x15x8.5in, weight 97lb.

Thanks to Mas and Janet for the picture.


Another photo by Eric Stoner, Aiseki Kai photographer.

El Capitan, WxHxD 11x15x8.5in, Trang Vo-Le & Phat Vo, Kern River stone. Photo by Eric Stoner

2 thoughts on “Our Best Suiseki

  1. This beautiful stone reminds me of the nashiji “pear skin” stones from the Setagawa river in Japan. We hope you enjoy your stone for many years to come.

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    1. Thanks Sam. We love it more every day. Hope to have a chance to show you this suiseki.

      BTW I enjoy your writings on suiseki, and have learned a lot. The latest reflection on suiseki with “The Book of Tea” is very nice. (The book is my favorite too.)


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